Ballpark in Arlington, Texas

Graham Associates (GAI) served as the Civil Engineer of Record for this major league baseball facility. GAI designed $75 million of civil improvements, while the contractor was building the infrastructure. As soon as a phase of the project was designed and approved, the contractor was constructing the phase. This fast track method expedited the project to the point where the design and construction was completed in 1 ½ years – ahead of schedule and way under budget.

GAI designed the site grading (1.2 million cubic yards) lakes, trails, parking lots (totaling 12,000 parking spaces) and associated drainage. GAI also designed utility lines to serve the site including both public and private utilities. A four lane and a six lane divided thoroughfare was also designed to provide necessary capacity to accommodate this traffic. The thoroughfares included two bridges.

GAI worked with architects from Washington D.C. and Kansas City on the project. GAI provided computer translation between the two architectural firms. GAI is well versed in coordinating with multi-disciplinary design teams.

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