Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas

Graham Associates was chosen to serve as the civil engineer after a very competitive selection process. GAI performed site planning and regional transportation planning for the new home of the world’s top sports team, the Dallas Cowboys. GAI designed $60 million worth of street improvements to increase capacity to accommodate the traffic.

GAI also designed 12,000 parking spaces and associated drainage. Inside the stadium, GAI designed 50 foot tall retaining walls around the perimeter of the structure. The playing field is fifty feet below natural ground and the water table, so GAI designed pumping systems to keep the playing field dry.

Major duct banks for electrical transmission were designed to service the high electrical demands of the stadium. Communication duct banks were also designed and installed, along with media bays for television trucks. The Stadium has been selected for the 2011 Super Bowl, the 2010 National Basketball Association All-Star game, 2012 NCAA Final Four, the Cotton Bowl and many other major events.

The site design was awarded the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s highest award called the Performance Track Award. The award is based on excellence in environmental design.

Other design layout elements included roadway and pedestrian bridges, traffic signals, major sanitary sewer and water lines, 2 million cubic yards of grading, and intelligent transportation systems. The stadium is projected to have a capacity of 100,000 people at a cost of $1.2 billion.

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